Perspectives On Gender & Treatment

Here we have compiled a list of resources that may be helpful to gender questioning, desisting, and detransitioning people. This is by no means a complete list, but these resources are a few places to start. Various groups and resources listed may have political interests that are not aligned with our individual values as detransitioned and desisted people or Detrans Voices as a group.

4th Wave Now

Type of Resource: Website



Description: A community of people who question the medicalization of gender-atypical youth.

Arty Morty–g/featured

Arty Morty discusses the influence and impact of transgender beliefs and ideology on the gay and lesbian community from the perspective of a gay man.

Ayad, Sasha, M.Ed., LPC

Type of resource: Website

Link: ;

Description: Licensed therapist working with adolescents. Sasha brings an approach to gender therapy that views clients as holistic and encourages exploration.

Boyce of Reason: Benjamin Boyce series on Gender, Sexuality, and Transition

Type of resource: Video Podcast, Podcast

Link: ;

Description: Boyce interviews people with a spectrum of perspectives and experience on identity, gender, sexuality, gender transition, and detransition.


Type of resource: Video Blog


Description: Video blog exploring the topic of autogynephilia and transgender identity.

BROADVIEW with Lisa Selin Davis

Type of resource: Substack


“A newsletter about the history, science, psychology and politics of gender nonconformity—a subject misunderstood by both the right and the left—and about where our ideas of normal for boys and girls come from.”

Malone, William J., MD

Type of resource: Social Media


Description: “I’m an endocrinologist concerned about the lack of evidence for hormonal and surgical treatments for gender dysphoria, and the failure of medical societies to facilitate debate on this issue. I’m concerned that gender non-conforming, and autism spectrum adolescents and young adults are being told that hormones and surgeries will provide solutions to social difficulties or body discomfort, when there’s no convincing evidence of that.

I’m concerned about the harm that’s being done to these individuals with powerful hormones and irreversible surgeries. Learn more at”

Marchiano, Lisa, LCSW

Type of resource: Essays


Description: Psychotherapist and Certified Jungian Analyst. Marchiano writes on Quillette about Gender Dysphoria, diagnosis, and transgenderism.

Trans Bruh

Type of resource: Video Podcast


Description: Trans Bruh is a video podcast hosted by transsexual man Mars. Mars invites people with different perspectives and experiences related to transgender topics/issues, LGBT, and controversial topics to have a conversation.